Where are you located?

-I live in Clearwater, Florida, but will travel anywhere for the right gig.  If I am already going to be in your area, your event may qualify for a local discount rate.  If not, I’m worth the extra travel costs.

Do you accept credit card payments?

-Absolutely!  You can pay me with any major credit or debit card by clicking this link to my account with Paypal.com.  If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still send money as a “Paypal Guest.”  It is very safe and secure.  Otherwise, cash or check both work well.

Are you insured?

-Indeed I am.  My performance insurance covers up to $3,000,000 per incident.  As my client, you and the event venue can be added to the policy as additional insured.  Just ask!

What is your real last name?

-Bonk.  My grandfather was a Bonk, my dad is a Bonk, my brother and nieces are also Bonks.  Had I tried to pick a stage name for myself, it would not have been as perfect.

Can you work with our theme?

-Most likely!  I have countless costume pieces and love the opportunity to put them together into something new.  If you have got an idea, I want to hear it.  Custom costume design and creation may also be an option, for an additional cost.

Do you do kids parties?

-No.  I do a high-energy family-oriented show and school shows, but I no longer do kids parties or children’s birthday shows.

How long is your show?

-My preferred stage or street show length is 45 minutes or less.  The length of the show can go up, but the price tag will go up, too.  I have numerous 5-7 minute bits that are perfect as part of a vaudeville or variety show.  Roving or strolling entertainment (juggling or stilt walking) is available by the hour.

Can we request that you perform a particular bit in your show?

-Please do!  If there is an act I already perform that you specifically want to see, I want to know about it!  That will help me tailor my show to your individual event.

Can you split up an event with types of entertainment?

-Of course!  Many events hire me to start off as a Stilt Walker and then get down and Juggle for the second half.  This is a very popular option with those who want to maximize their entertainment variety.

Can you provide your own sound system?

-Yes I can.  If there is already a system at the event, I can plug directly into it (contact me for channel requirements).  However, for most local events I provide my own sound system.  If there is access to one regular electrical outlet, that would be great, but I can bring my own power supply if not.  If I am flying to your event, then you will need to provide the sound system.  Lighting is on you, if necessary.

Are you a clown?


Will you come to our event and work for free?

-Probably not.  This is my job, and though I truly live for the smiles, laughter and applause from the audience, I can’t use that to pay my rent.  There are a few charities that are personal to me for which I regularly work each year and they know who they are.  Otherwise, if you have something that is truly a good cause, I may be able to work out a discount, especially if you have something to sweeten the deal.  But never, under any circumstances, should you try to ensnare an entertainer with the promise of “really good exposure.”  We hate that.